This Just In: Glühwein will Cure the Common Cold

At least according to my mom and her Bavarian friends, it will.

I’ve been doing battle with a nasty cold this week (and I’m losing).  After complaining to my mother that I sound like the understudy for Selma Bouvier, she reminded me that what I really need is a big mug of Glühwein (yet another use for Two-Buck Chuck).  When my folks were living in Germany, she learned a secret from the Bavarians.  When you’ve got a cold, you’re supposed to drink as much Glühwein “as you dare” (that’s my favorite part), take a HOT shower, and get into bed.  And then magic happens . . . you’re cured!

Hot, spiced wine is enjoyed all around the world.  If you’re curious about the different styles and variations (and you’d like my recipe), click ☛ here ☚ .


Has anyone else ever heard of this magical German panacea?

I’m putting the Glühwein Cure to a test tonight . . . I have nothing to lose except this cold.



  1. I love Glühwein. I live in Bavaria (Munich) and Glühwein is very popular around here. It’s quite delicious and “helps” against the common cold but I wouldn’t recommend it when taking medicine since the two often don’t work well together 🙂
    Have you prepared fresh Glühwein before?


    1. My parents used to live in Munich, near Aubing. And my husband’s grandfather lives in Grosshesselohe. We love Munich — try to get there as often as we can to visit! We make Glühwein quite a bit in the winter . . . I crave it! It’s so good for a little Gemuchlichkeit! Prost!!


  2. Reblogged this on The Armchair Sommelier and commented:

    I’m a desperate woman. Desperate for my relentless head cold to go away. I’ve got stuff to do, for crying out loud! So I’m sitting here trying to think of a sacrifice to the Gods of Phlegm so they will release me from this congestion prison. What would appease the Gods of Phlegm? A live chicken? Powdered unicorn horn? Maybe a dragon scale? And then I remembered the Bavarian Cold Cure: Glühwein. I’m brewing a batch right now. I’m about to drink “as much as I dare”, take an absurdly hot shower, and go to bed. If this doesn’t work, I’ll be out shopping for dragon scales tomorrow. Salud!


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