This Just In: Glühwein will Cure the Common Cold


I’m a desperate woman. Desperate for my relentless head cold to go away. I’ve got stuff to do, for crying out loud! So I’m sitting here trying to think of a sacrifice to the Gods of Phlegm so they will release me from this congestion prison. What would appease the Gods of Phlegm? A live chicken? Powdered unicorn horn? Maybe a dragon scale? And then I remembered the Bavarian Cold Cure: Glühwein. I’m brewing a batch right now. I’m about to drink “as much as I dare”, take an absurdly hot shower, and go to bed. If this doesn’t work, I’ll be out shopping for dragon scales tomorrow. Salud!

The Armchair Sommelier

At least according to my mom and her Bavarian friends, it will.

I’ve been doing battle with a nasty cold this week (and I’m losing).  After complaining to my mother that I sound like the understudy for Selma Bouvier, she reminded me that what I really need is a big mug of Glühwein (yet another use for Two-Buck Chuck).  When my folks were living in Germany, she learned a secret from the Bavarians.  When you’ve got a cold, you’re supposed to drink as much Glühwein “as you dare” (that’s my favorite part), take a HOT shower, and get into bed.  And then magic happens . . . you’re cured!

Hot, spiced wine is enjoyed all around the world.  If you’re curious about the different styles and variations (and you’d like my recipe), click ☛ here ☚ .


Has anyone else ever heard of this magical German panacea?

I’m putting the…

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