Understanding the Apothic Red – Wine Review

There is no denying that the Apothic Red is one of the best-selling reds in the United States, selling over 3 million cases of wine a year. But what is it about this wine that makes it sell so well? 

What makes this wine stand out in retail stores? These tasting notes and review of Apothic Red will dive into the wine helping us understand what all the rage is about.

Apothic Red wine review

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If you’re more of a learn-by-doing kind of person just go ahead and pick up a bottle of Apothic Red for yourself and try it out! It comes in at just under $11 from most retailers. So order yourself a bottle and get back to reading!

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What’s In Apothic Red – The Blend

This wine is a blend of a few powerful red varieties. In the blend, we find our first clue as to why the wine is so popular. 

By blending Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, the winemakers (super producer, E.J. Gallo) combine all the best things about red wine.

The Zinfandel offers the bold red fruit and spice, while the Merlot contributes some much-needed softness. The addition of Syrah provides darker fruit notes, and the Cabernet adds the structure and more tannin to the wine. 

Turns out Apothic red wine is a well designed blend of all the most exciting red-wine components. It is specifically designed to cater to the broadest spectrum of red wine drinkers.

Sidenote: Not all the vintages have the Cabernet Sauvignon, but it’s a great addition. While the wine is dry, the grapes are extremely ripe and fruity, which gives the impression of sweetness.

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Apothic Red Tasting Notes

When swirling the glass, you will immediately notice the slow, thick wine tears down the glass, which gives you a hint that the wine will be rich.  You can expect to smell and taste dark fruits, cherries, and licorice to subtle vanilla, chocolate, and mocha from the oak aging.  

In most cases, if a wine provides so many layers and tastes so good, you can expect a hefty price tag. But that’s what makes the Apothic Red so different. There is a lot going on in the glass, but it is so affordable, a strong hint that will help in solving the mystery of why this wine has become so popular.

If you’d like to try a bottle and judge for yourself Apothic Red is available in nearly every grocery store wine section, or you can have it delivered to your door by shopping on Vivino or Drizly.

Apothic Red Wine- The Value Trade-Off

Apothic wine has been engineered to be the best possible blend of value and quality. This trade-off takes into consideration the fact that a huge percentage of wine drinking America is not willing to lay out a lot of money for wine. This is doubly true for the younger, new to wine, market. 

Apothic Red Wine Price

Gallow has made a calculation here that has clearly paid off in sales. They’ve made a drinkable wine that often comes in Under $12.

Apothic Pairing Notes

Not only does this wine hit the spot as an smooth, easy to drink bottle, but it brings enough to the table to make great food-pairing wine too.

This easy-drinking red is best paired with simpler meals. The best options would be a meaty pizza or beef burger. You don’t necessarily want to be pairing a cheap red with an A-grade fillet mignon.

What’s In A Name

The name Apothic comes from Apotheca, which means “a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe.” So this story, combined with their eye-catching label, allowed the brand to combine everything necessary for selling boat-loads of wine.

Apothic red label

About the Wine and Producer

The Gallo Winery, where the Apothic wines are made, was founded by Ernest and Julio Gallo in 1933. In the first year of their production, they made over 170,000 gallons of wine. 

And in their second year, they managed to sell over 440,000 gallons of wine, proving the business model from the get-go.

The mastermind behind the Apothic Red was Debbie Juergensen, who first started experimenting with the blend in 2007. Her passion for powerful blends and telling a story through wine is very clear with these wines. 

The wine’s big break can be attributed to wine critic Robert Parker’s review.  Parker praised the wine for being one of the greatest bargains he has ever tasted from California.

It wouldn’t surprise me if that single quote got more wine enthusiasts interested in the wine.

The winery hasn’t stopped growing since and has expanded to all corners of the earth, where they continue growing as an international brand.

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Apothic Wine- Final Thoughts

We have to take the Apothic Red for what it is – an exceptionally drinkable red that is crafted for the average wine drinker.

 For what you pay, the wine truly over-delivers when compared to other wines in its price range. For a mid-week dinner party wine, Apothic is a great choice for all but the hard-core aficionado. 

It’s easy to see why this wine has gained so much popularity in the past decade and why it continues to make a name internationally. It’s the value for money, the fruitiness, and the unique label.

So if you’re looking for an ultra-complex wine that you will store in your cellar for the next forty years, Apothic Red is not going to be your first choice. And if you’re getting a bottle of wine to impress a major wine enthusiast, you might want to give this one a skip. 

While the wine has excellent traits and great flavor, the winemaker’s target was to produce a bottle that was affordable but still profitable. This rules out many of the tricks of the trade used to produce $100 bottles.

Nonetheless, Apothic wine is one of the better options in the under $15 price category, and it’s so important that we have good wine in all price classes, to help all wine-drinkers enjoy a good bottle (or a few). 

Apothic Red Wine FAQ

Is Apothic red wine sweet or dry?

The red wine blend is perfect for a general red wine drinker. It’s not too dry, but not sweet, just very mellow and easy going. The finish is slightly dry with acidity and tannins coming through on the finish.

Is Apothic a cheap wine?

The Apothic Red wine price is between $12-15. Still a great tasting wine at a great price point.

What kind of wine is Apothic red wine?

Apothic Red wine blend is the bold and intriguing red blend that launched the Apothic legacy, featuring a mix of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and zinfandel. It indulges the senses with notes of black cherry, vanilla and mocha.

Is Apothic Red good?

We describe it as smooth. We even give it a seal of approval. Overall, we recommend Apothic red wine. A great cocktail party wine that is a smooth, fast sipper and stands on its own.

Which Apothic red is sweet?

Crimson is Apothic’s take a semi-sweet red wine. With notes of vine-ripe raspberry and strawberry and hints of toasted oak and vanilla. Top that with a silky mouthfeel.


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