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If you’re wondering which are the dog friendly wineries in Napa Valley, you’ve landed in the right place. We’re answering all the how-to-visit-Napa-with-your-dog Qs.

Share your next wine country experience with your most loyal friend in none other than Napa Valley. Napa is known as the nation’s premier destination for wine tasting, but also the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with your beloved pet. 

pet friendly napa valley wineries

Let’s face it, if your dog could talk, he’d be a master sommelier — sniffing fine wines and pinpointing every aroma and note.

“Oh yeah, I taste tennis balls, wet rock, and leather shoes in this glass”.

There are plenty of dog friendly wineries in Napa to keep you and your furry pal drunk on sun rays and relaxation.

Are Dogs Allowed At Napa Valley Wineries?

The short answer is some do, some don’t. Keep reading for specific Napa wineries that are definitely pet friendly. That said, many wineries in Napa Valley do allow dogs on the grounds, on patio spaces, or even into tasting rooms.

Before You Take Your Pet Wine Tasting

Call ahead to the winery to get their most up-to-date pet policy. Even if the website says “We’re a dog friendly winery in Napa” ask if pets are allowed inside or outside the tasting room and make your reservation accordingly.

Find out if there are any poisons/toxins on the property that could be harmful to your pet such as tulips.

When booking your reservation, note that most wineries do not allow pets inside their wine caves for tours and wine tastings.

Tips For Your Napa Wine Tasting With Your Dog

  • Keep your pet on a leash at all times
  • Do not leave your pet unattended 
  • Bring a portable water dish with you
  • Bring pet food/snacks and toys to keep your pet occupied 
  • Be sensitive to others who may not be comfortable around dogs
  • Check-in with your pet — are they stressed? Not all pets love wineries as much as you do
  • Make sure there is adequate shade for your pet, especially in the hotter summer months
  • Be respectful to the winery — the owners, other guests, and the winery grounds
  • Clean up after your pet

Our Favorite Napa Valley Dog Friendly Wineries

Domaine Chandon Is A Dog Friendly Winery In Napa

Your four-legged friend is welcome at Napa’s sparkling wine destination. While there are no pets allowed inside the tasting room, you can enjoy your bubbles outdoors. You and your pet can walk the beautiful grounds and dine al fresco in their picnic area. 

Domaine Chandon 
1 California Drive.

domaine chandon pet friendly

Frenchie Winery at Raymond Vineyards

Don’t plan your canine wine tasting trip without adding Frenchie Winery to the itinerary. An entire area of Raymond Vineyards is dedicated to the owner’s bulldog, Frenchie, where your pup can be wine country chic in its own dog suite with a doggie bed made from wine barrels. Dogs are provided with water and treats and are allowed both on the patio and inside the tasting room. 

Frenchie Winery / Raymond Vineyards   
1585 St. Helena Hwy.

Frenchie Winery Pet Friendly

Grgich Hills Estate

The 100% Certified Organic vineyard at Grgich Hills is also 100% pet friendly. Enjoy a flight of their estate grown wines on their outdoor patio with your pet by your side while soaking up the sunshine overlooking their breathtaking vineyards. 

Grgich Hills Estate
1829 St. Helena Hwy.

grgich hills estate pet friendly

HALL Wines

You’ll feel right at home at this family-run winery which boasts award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon and Vintage Sauvignon Blancs. Explore the wonderland of sculptured art on the grounds of HALL Wines with your pet.

After, catch a flight of their 90+ point wines outdoors where your furry friends are welcomed with open arms. The owners are such pet lovers, they have hosted Harvest Hounds in the past, a charity event where they raise money for shelter dogs in Northern California.

Hall Wines  
401 St. Helena Hwy. South St.

hall wines pet friendly

Honig Vineyard and Winery

The folks at Honig Winery make dogs an integral part of their winemaking process. The three golden retrievers on staff are known as “sniffer dogs” and are used to detect those pesky mealybugs, a threat to vines that are hard for you and I to spot with the naked eye. Dogs are welcome for an outdoor tasting where their human friends can try their two bestselling varietals — Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Honig Winery 
850 Rutherford Rd.

Honig Wine Pet Friendly

Migration Winery

napa valley trip planner

The wine tasting experience at Migration (from the Duckhorn portfolio of wines) is not just for humans.

Dogs are given the VIP treatment at their outdoor space with a special Barkuterie board made with a custom Migration branded biscuit, duck sausages and Mother Hubbard treats.

How sweet is that?

Make sure you reserve this treat when booking your reservation. 

1451 Stanly Lane

Migration Winery Pet Friendly

Trefethen Family Vineyards

This stunning family-owned and operated winery was built during Napa’s Golden Age in 1886 and its three-level design is one-of-a-kind in Napa Valley. It’s one of the first wineries you and your pet will see as you drive down Highway 29.

This sprawling farm estate with an outdoor garden is the perfect place to relax with your pet as you sip on their award-winning estate wines. 

1160 Oak Knoll Avenue

Trefethen Winery Pet Friendly

Tres Sabores Winery

When there is an entire page on their website dedicated to their wine dogs, you know you and your pup have found the perfect doggy+hooman wine destination. Tres Sabores is a women-led, organic winery, boasting that there are usually more dogs than humans at the winery.

Their large pack of golden retrievers will greet guests upon arrival and make sure you are enjoying your wine with one hand and offering doggy head scratches with the other. 

Tres Sabores Winery 
1620 S. Whitehall Lane  
Phone: 707-967-8027

Tres Sabores Winery Pet Friendly

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Author: Tiffany Carter

Tiffany is a contributing writer to Armchair Sommelier. When she isn’t writing about wine, the California native is touring local wineries (Hello Napa and Paso!) and filling her glass across the globe (Ciao, Tuscany!). She loves a full-bodied cab, but she plays favorites when it comes to a spicy Zinfandel or juicy Malbec. Her fridge is stocked with a bottle of sparkling rosé for emergencies. Hint: there’s always an emergency. You can follow Tiffany @winetastetravel.

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