Schramsberg Winery: 2024 Review

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Schramsberg Winery in Calistoga, Napa Valley has dedicated itself to producing exceptional sparkling wines for more than 50 years.

The Davies family and the team at Schramsberg have made it their mission to produce wines that capture the spirit and background of the individuals who make each bottle while residing and working on the Napa Valley Diamond Mountain property.

We’re not only covering the history and tasting experiences, we’ll also share best places to stay and eat near Schramsberg.

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The history of serving US Presidents with Schramsberg started in 1891 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco with President Harrison, who was served a Riesling. For President Nixon and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai’s 1972 “Toast to Peace,” the Blanc de Blancs sparkling was served. Every American presidential administration since has served Schramsberg’s sparkling wines at formal State occasions.

Learn more about why and how Schramsberg Winery became widely recognized.

Schramsberg’s History Timeline

The history of Schramsberg began in the 1800s when German immigrant Jacob Schram settled on Diamond Mountain and established a winery.

Schramsberg started with 30,000 vines. The first hillside caves in Napa were excavated to store and age wine. The vines produced Riesling, Hock, Sauterne, Burgundy, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Vert by 1891 – which led to serving President Harrison (as I’ve mentioned).

In 1965, more than a century afterward, Jack and Jamie Davies would revitalize the Schramsberg property. Ever since then, Schramsberg has produced more and more varietals, including vintages. The first time any American wine, including Schramsberg, was served at a State function or in the White House, domestically or overseas, was in 1972.

“America’s most prestigious, select and admired sparkling wine; chosen for special guests, special gifts, pampering oneself and expressing one’s taste in unique products” was the exact goal they set out to achieve with their sparkling wine production.

This innovative mentality has brought Schramsberg and Davies international prominence over the years.

Wine Tasting Experiences at Schramsberg Winery

Behind the scenes of Schramsberg’s Cave Tour and Tasting Experience

Location: 1400 Schramsberg Road, Calistoga, California 94515


Hours of Tours and Tastings: Tours & Tastings by Appointment Only

The majority of Schramsberg’s viticultural and winemaking procedures are done by hand: in their underground caves, they harvest grapes by hand, make wines by hand, and stack and riddle bottles by hand.

Schramsberg Winery exclusively provides tasting-only and tour-and-tasting experiences by appointment.

Cave Tour With Tastings Experience at Schramsberg Winery

schramsberg winery
schramsberg cave tour

All cave tour tastings at Schramsberg are held indoors, and you can opt for these three variations:

  • Cave Tour with All Sparkling Wine Tasting – $85 per person (complimentary for wine club members)
  • Cave Tour with Sparkling & Red Wine Tasting – $95 per person ($20 for wine club members)
  • Cave Tour with Reserve Wine & Cheese Pairing – $135 per person ($65 for wine club members)
  • Private Cave Tour with Custom Tasting – $110 per person ($40 for wine club members)
schramsberg sparkling wine

In our case, we opted for the all the first one, the All Sparkling Wine Tasting. The highlight of the experience was the tasting session, a delightful introduction to Schramsberg’s limited sparkling wines. Five sparkling delights (no red) awaited us, each sip offering a glimpse into the artistry of winemaking.

For those seeking a more personalized adventure, you also have the opportunity to craft your own cave tour and tasting experience. For the private cave tour, six wines are carefully chosen from the exquisite selection at Schramsberg and Davies Vineyards to be presented at the tailored appointment.

schramsberg napa

Tasting Only Experience at Schramsberg Winery

On the other hand, the tasting-only experience at Schramsberg has these options:

  • All Sparkling Tasting – $65 per person (complimentary for wine club members)
  • Sparkling & Red Wine Tasting – $75 per person (complimentary for wine club members)
  • Custom Tasting – $85 per person ($20 for wine club members)

The offerings for tasting-only experiences are just the same as the cave tours. The only difference would be that you’d get to learn more about the history and winemaking process at Schramsberg if you opt for the tour with wine tasting. Either way, both can be a good experience to try Schramsberg wines, particularly sparkling wines, which are very famous!

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Wine Club Membership

Take advantage of the Schramsberg wine club membership programs that have been rewarding wine enthusiasts for years with unmatched access. There are four wine clubs available from Schramsberg and Davies Vineyards, so you can select the one that best suits your needs. Each club includes exclusive privileges for club members as well as four shipments of wines from either Schramsberg or Davies Vineyards.

schramsberg wine

Cellar Club

Each year, members of the Schramsberg Cellar Club receive four automatic shipments totaling 8-10 bottles of wine. Ground shipping for club shipments, new and limited-release varieties of sparkling wines, and occasionally a Davies red wine are all included in the membership, along with other incentives only available to club members.

Riddler’s Circle Club

Membership in the Schramsberg Riddler’s Circle Club entitles you to twice the amount of wines supplied in the Cellar Club and two exquisite library/special selections that their winemakers have personally chosen. The sparkling wines are available in limited, library, and new-release varieties. 

Every season (or equivalent), members of this club receive four automatic shipments of 24-36 bottles (750 mL) of wine, which include new releases, limited releases exclusively available at the winery, and two exquisite library or special selections of sparkling wine carefully chosen by their winemakers.

Davies Club

Each year, members of the Davies Club receive four automatic shipments of 10-18 bottles of still wines from Davies Vineyards. The club membership offers ground shipping for club shipments, new and limited-release options of still wines, and other incentives only available to club members. The number of bottles in each shipment will vary.

Jack & Jamie Circle

Jack & Jamie’s Circle Club membership entitles you to four automated deliveries of 30-54 bottles per year. The club membership offers ground shipping for club shipments, new and limited-release options of still wines, and other incentives only available to club members. 

To facilitate bottle-aging and long-term enjoyment of each vintage, this membership level features bigger amounts of Davies Vineyards wines that are part of the Davies Club membership. The number of bottles in each shipment will vary. 

Gift Membership

In addition to other fantastic perks, gift memberships include four shipments per year (the amount varies depending on the club you present). Club gifts, which include four wine shipments and other fantastic advantages, are valid for at least one year. 

Configuring the gift membership to be ongoing, lasting longer than a year, is also possible. After the first year, continuous gift memberships can be terminated at any moment, but only after the following shipment is uploaded into their system. Before every shipment is sent, the gift giver’s credit card is charged. The gift receiver receives a welcome letter outlining the origin of the membership and the date of their first shipment.

Where To Eat Around Schramsberg Winery

where to eat around Schramsberg Winery Vineyards

The Napa Valley region boasts a rich tapestry of dining options, each offering a unique blend of flavors that complement the renowned sparkling wines of Schramsberg.

As the sun-kissed vineyards and historic caves set the backdrop, the question of where to indulge in delectable meals becomes part of the experience.

Here are some of the best restaurants to try around Schramsberg Winery:

Brasswood Bar + Kitchen

Location: 3111 St Helena Hwy North, St Helena, CA 94574, United States

The idea behind Brasswood Bar + Kitchen is straightforward: create dishes that go well together and fine wines to honor the abundance of local produce. Lunch and dinner are served to guests in the bar, inside the booths, or on the patio with views of the gardens. 

A flight from Brasswood Cellars wines is expertly matched with four of the restaurant’s hallmark dishes if you choose their traditional tasting experience.


Location: 1107 Cedar St, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States

The Lovina Restaurant sits in a historic house on Calistoga’s main street. Built in 1904, the house first served as the mayor’s residence before converting to a doctor’s office and then a restaurant. 

Savor al fresco eating on three large patios at Lovina! They serve meals for dinner and weekend brunches as well. The restaurant accommodates brunch and dinner parties as well as corporate events.

Solbar – Solage Calistoga

Location: 755 Silverado Trail N, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States

With ingredients that highlight the best of what’s fresh and seasonal in Napa Valley, Solbar‘s menu is divided into two sections: powerful, savory dishes to soothe your spirit and light, delicate flavors to stimulate your palate. 

Savor al fresco is eating or unwinding by the firepits with a view of the iconic pool on the recently enlarged, sunny Solbar terrace, which has doubled in size. The restaurant is a local favorite; you’ll find friends relaxing over long dinners, lovers letting time pass under the glow of market lights and by the warmth of a 20-foot fire pit, and local vintners getting together after hours of crafting specialty cocktails. 

Where To Stay Near Schramsberg Winery

where to stay near Schramsberg Winery

Choosing the perfect accommodation creates an immersive experience in this renowned wine country. Explore the array of charming stays, ensuring that your time in Calistoga is not only defined by exceptional vintages but also by the comfort and enchantment of your chosen abode.

The Inn On Pine

Location: 1202 Pine St, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States

Why we love this place: Most of the accommodations at The Inn On Pine have outside decks with bistro tables, fireplaces, and Jacuzzi tubs. The early 1940s historic property still has a lot of its original beauty, offering a warm welcome and a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a refreshing dip in a heated outdoor pool and hot tub while viewing the Mayacamas mountains and pastoral plains.

Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

Location: 1880 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States

Why we love this place: Inspired by the Great American Road trip, the design by New York-based AvroKo is reminiscent of a vintage roadside boutique hotel but better. Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa is a pet-friendly hotel that accommodates your four-legged friends in their Camper Rooms. All visitors are welcome to use the free bikes for up to two hours so you can explore Calistoga easily.

Best Western Plus Stevenson Manor

Location: 1830 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States

Why we love this place: The Best Western Plus Stevenson Manor is a peaceful retreat in the stunning Napa Valley Wine Country tucked away in downtown Calistoga. We love the central location, affordability and great breakfast.

Feel The Sparkle At Schramsberg Winery 

A visit to Schramsberg Winery is not merely a journey into the world of exceptional sparkling wines; it’s an immersion into a legacy that spans over half a century. The dedication and passion that have fueled the production of these sparkling marvels are palpable in every effervescent sip.

As the winery continues to redefine excellence in sparkling wine production, each visit becomes a testament to the enduring commitment to quality and the artistry of capturing effervescence in every bottle. So, how about taking your time to feel the sparkle in their remarkable sparkling wines? I sure did!

Schramsberg Winery FAQs

Who is the owner of Schramsberg Winery?

The Schramsberg Winery is owned by the Davies family. Specifically, it was purchased by Jack and Jamie Davies in 1965. Since then, they have expanded the vineyards and the wines they produce.

What sparkling wines does Schramsberg Winery produce?

Schramsberg Winery is renowned for its exceptional sparkling wines. They produce a variety of sparkling wines, with a focus on méthode traditionnelle, including Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Rosé, and J. Schram.

Does Schramsberg Winery operate a restaurant?

Schramsberg Winery does not operate a restaurant on its premises. However, they offer food pairings during select wine tasting tours. You may also visit their website to look at some of their suggested food pairings for their wines.

Is Schramsberg Served at the white house?

This coming February makes the tradition of serving sparkling wine at the White House the 50th anniversary of that moment. Since then Schramsberg has been been served at over 90 official State and White House functions.

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