Mega Purple: The One-eyed, One-horned Flyin’ Purple Pinot Fixer

Meiomi pinot noir

Not long after I first started working in wine retail, we were tasting through some new-to-the-store Pinot Noirs at work, and I mentioned I’d never tried Meiomi (one of our biggest sellers). So, one of my colleagues grabbed a bottle. For reference. And, as I tasted it, I thought to myself . . . someone’s […]

Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 110

With both of my kids home from school on holiday break for the past couple/few weeks, my days have been running together.  I very nearly forgot today is Wednesday! Today’s (quick but awesome) words come to us from winemaker, Peter Finlayson, of Bouchard Finlayson Vineyard in South Africa. A wine-truth, if there ever was one: Pinot […]

Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 109

e&j gallow winery

Today’s words come to us from Gina Gallo, third generation winemaker and granddaughter of Napa Valley legend, Ernest Gallo. E&J Gallo is the largest winery in the United States (and the world), accounting for nearly 25% of all US wine sales.  Gallo owns half the damn wine world (OK, they only own 90 different labels, but it […]

Old World and New World Reds: The Pairings

I promised wine tasting notes and pairings from our Old World vs. New World red wine tasting on Friday, so I’ll get right to it . . . Vino Caveat:  I don’t put a lot of stock in wine reviews.  I’m a big believer that a wine is good if you like it.  It all […]