Photography 101, Day 7: Landmark

Today’s assignment is: Landmark.  We’re supposed to find a landmark, and then walk around said landmark to experiment with different perspectives and points of view.

I live in a smallish town in the Piedmont of Virginia called Warrenton.  Hands down, one of the most photographed (and painted!) buildings in Warrenton is the Old Courthouse (seriously, that’s its name).  The current Old Courthouse was built in 1890, after two previous courthouses (in the same location) were destroyed by fires in 1853 and 1889.  The 1890 courthouse is basically a carbon copy of the 1853 courthouse.

The Old Courthouse steps are usually packed with people waiting for their day in court, but today is Veteran’s Day, so the courts are closed.  I had the place to myself — perfect for picture taking!

I took a few head-on shots from across the street, but finally settled on this one, because of its unusual perspective.  I like the light coming from behind the courthouse — the last few yellow leaves on that tree look almost like they’re glowing!


Nikon D800
ISO 400 | 24mm | f/22 | 1/50 sec

See you tomorrow!


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