Photography 101: Treasure

Today’s assignment is: Treasure.  We’re supposed to photograph something we cherish, and get up close to change perspective.

I write a wine blog, so of course, a lot of my treasures are wine related.  This wine glass belonged to my dad’s mother.  I never met her — she passed away when my dad was fourteen. The glass is part of a set of six wine glasses, and they are among the very few possessions of hers that still exist.  They are perfectly wrong for any kind of serious wine drinking, and yet . . . wine manages to taste pretty perfect when I drink out of them.

The glass was completely uncooperative to photograph . . . too much glare and reflection.  So, I started fooling around with my 105mm macro lens and a strong light source from above.  This involved multiple tripods, and some improbable contortions on my part.  But I’m pleased with the artsy-fartsy end result.


Nikon D800
ISO 3600 | 105mm | f/5.0 | 1/125 sec

For the bigger picture, here’s the wine glass in its entirety . . . glares, reflections and all:


Nikon D800
ISO 6400 | 70mm | f/20 | 1/80 sec

See you tomorrow!



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