Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur (1)

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Blur.
Our instructions:  This week, we’re supposed to keep our cameras purposefully unfocused, and “find beauty in a blur.”

Wait.  I’m supposed to blur my photo . . . on purpose?  I’m twitching a little.  I’m the one who compulsively deletes photos that aren’t in focus.  This is going to be awkward for me.

For this challenge, I returned to a previous subject, my African violets.  I decided this was a good opportunity to practice a couple of photography techniques I have zippy experience with: panning and the zoom effect.

I will post the panning picture today, and the zoom effect tomorrow.  (I think the Weekly Photo Challenge photos display better in the WordPress platform/feed if they are singular).

Panning is supposed to be used to emphasize or suggest movement (and you have to have a lot more experience than I do to pull it off successfully).  Ideally, the subject is in focus and the background looks like it’s in motion.  It’s supposed to be done with a moving subject, but I broke the rules by using a stationary subject, and no tripod.  I used a slower shutter speed, and a slight downward-dragging motion of my camera when I took the picture.

You learn by experimenting, right?


I love the contrast of the magenta and green.  And I like the way the white, ruffled edges of the violet look almost like they’re being vacuumed into the air.  Other than that, it kind of makes me dizzy.  😉

Nikon D800
ISO 200 | 300mm | f/5.6 | 1/6 sec



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