Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

A busy bee, hard at work at the Cornell Lab of Orinthology in Ithaca, NY.

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Close Up.
Our instructions: This week, discover the hidden details that can only be seen up close.

Last week, my dad and I took a little photo safari to the Cornell Lab of Orinthology in Ithaca, NY.  We were walking the trails and taking photos of the birds, so I chose my 300mm prime telephoto lens.  I was anxious to get some practice with that lens, as most of my other lenses are one flavor of zoom or another.

And then I walked by this little bee.  This is Murphy’s Law of Photography — whatever lens you currently have on your camera isn’t the one you need for your next shot.  And I really wanted my macro lens.  I love my macro lens, and I’m only scratching the surface of the learning curve in that genre of photography.  But I didn’t have my macro lens.  I had my 300mm prime lens, outfitted with a teleconverter, which effectively makes it a 420mm prime lens.  And, because of the teleconverter, I knew I’d lose an f-stop.  How would the lens perform??


I was surprised and delighted with how well my 420mm prime performed.  The close-up detail is pretty spiffy for not being macro.  I think I’ll put this one into the Happy Accident folder.


Nikon D800
ISO 400 | 420mm | f/5.6 | 1/640 sec


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