Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochrome

A vintage tractor, standing sentinel, at Messick Dairy Farm in Midland, Virginia.

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Monochrome.
Our instructions:  This week, share with us your monochromatic images. Be calculating and creative in choosing your subject and focal point; resist the urge to simply take a photo of something with a single color range.

A friend of ours owns a dairy farm and store (Messick’s Farm Market) in Midland, Virginia.
I have a soft spot in my heart for farms (I’m a native Nebraskan), and I enjoy driving out there to get our produce.  It’s quiet and peaceful, and I leave with veggies that aren’t anemic and tasteless (like the offerings at the grocery store).

Walking around outside, this old tractor called out to me.  It was parked along the perimeter of the property, looking very much like a watchful sentinel.  Usually, if I find something I want to photograph when I’m out and about, I don’t have my camera with me.  But, this was one of those times where laziness pays off — I hadn’t unloaded my camera bag from the car after my daughter’s soccer game.

Snap, snap, snap!

I love the light and color in this photo.  I didn’t set out to take a monochrome photo, it just sort of happened.  But my favorite thing about the photo is the keys . . . still in the ignition.

DSC_9005-1Nikon D800
ISO 125 | 70mm | f/8.0 | 1/100 sec



      1. I was out on a dirt road, and didn’t watch a single minute of it. My father-in-law started a group text about the game and he included me. My phone was going CRAZY while I was standing out there. It sounded like a forehead-slamming, nail-biting game.


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