Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

A Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho peleides), resplendent in iridescent color.  (It’s not every day you get to weave the word resplendent into your blog.)

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Ornate.
Our instructions: Forget about subdued and restrained.  This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly extravagant.

There’s nothing more breathtakingly extravagant (ornate) than Mother Nature.  I took this photo of a Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho peleides) at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara, Canada.

The iridescent blue color on the top of Morpho’s wings is because of microscopic scales, which reflect light.  The underside of his wings is a dull brown color with eyespots, which provide camouflage against predators when his wings are closed.  When the Blue Morpho flies, the contrasting iridescent blue and dull brown colors kind of flash, creating an illusion that the Blue Morpho is appearing and disappearing.  Cool, huh?

Happy Friday . . . and Salud!


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