Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

Graffiti covering the walls at Les Catacombs in Paris.  Not OK.  

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Alphabet.
Our instructions:  This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters.

I took this photo at Les Catacombs in Paris — because I was so thoroughly disgusted by it. Graffiti on historical sites drives me insane!  But it’s not unique to the Paris Catacombs.  We’ve climbed countless bell towers across Europe, and it’s one of the things you can always count on (that and really sore quads).  People feel entitled to get out a Sharpie marker and deface hundreds and thousands of years of history.  People suck.

In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner . . . How Rude!!

I think I found just about all the letters in this photo — the entire Latin alphabet, a smattering of Cyrillic, and the University of Northern Iowa are represented.


My photography portfolio (photostream) can be found on Flickr.

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