Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Wish.
Our instructions:  This week, show us a wish, & let your blog be the ema upon which you share it.

A word about ema from Jen at WordPress (click here to see photos of the wooden plaques):

Visitors to Shinto shrines can purchase small wooden plaques called ema, upon which they can share their hopes and dreams. Then, they hang them amongst other ema from people who have come before them, in the hopes that spirits will grant their wish. I first encountered ema during a trip to Japan several years ago, displayed at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. The ema were covered in myriad languages and sentiments; they were fascinating.

My wish?  It’s a little more practical.  We’ve had some lunatic weather here in Virginia for the past few weeks.  Mother Nature is clearly off her meds — she’s been sending us temperatures in the 70s.  I won’t complain about the warmth (I’ve never been on Team Winter), but things around here are budding and blooming with gusto.  My daffodils are up!

But winter isn’t finished with us yet.

My wish is for the vines of Virginia.  May their fragile little buds not succumb to the sub-freezing temperatures and (I don’t even want to say it out loud) foot of snow we’re expecting next week.

I took this photo at Early Mountain Vineyards in Madison, Virginia.

Stay warm, vines.



  1. Major winter storm heading for southern Ontario on Monday. Ah gee, that is to bad. I can be flippant about that as I sit here looking out over the city and bay of Puerto Vallarta on another 80 degree day. Hope you get your wish. Love the pic. Cheers.

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