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My 8 Day Wine Detox . . . or Vacation

Blue is Better in the Bahamas . . . Mother Nature dipped into her color palette and painted a symphony in blue major.  You can’t help but relax when you’re surrounded by that much blue.  And the Bahamian people...

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beer flavored beer

Beer Rant: I Just Want A Beer Flavored Beer

My family is German. I grew up drinking beer. Not Skittles, rainbow-of-fruit-flavors beer. Not bitter, more-hops-than-a-rabbit beer. Not coffee colada beer. Not Sriracha donut beer. Beer flavored beer. Spaten, Paulaner, Erdinger. Goooood. The entire category of Weißbier...

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old fashioned

The Old Fashioned, Refashioned

  I spent the better part of my day researching the history of the Cognac trade in the 16th century.  And as much as I love history, I gotta tell you, it’s not exactly edge-of-your-seat material (I...

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Ready, Set, Runza!

I’m a Cornhusker by birth.  I hail from the great Big Red state of Nebraska.  I always get a little homesick for Nebraska this time of year.  College football is in full swing (GO BIG RED!), the corn is...

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My Kingdom for a Radi

Can you be homesick for a place that’s not home?  Because I’m really missing Bavaria lately. And it has everything to do with my über-craving for a Radi (a giant white radish from Germany).  I keep twitching my...

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My Pennsylvania Road Coma

I’ve been in a road coma, courtesy of the State of Pennsylvania, for the past 8 hours . . . give or take a potty stop.  We spent Spring Break in Niagara Falls.  I know, I know....

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