Wine Regions

Learn more about your favorite wine regions around the world and uncover a few hidden gems.

wine tasting in tuscany

How To Book A Wine Tasting In Tuscany

Learn the secrets of how to book your wine tasting in Tuscany. What Tripadvisor won’t tell you.

rome wine tasting

Rome Wine Tasting: Regions And Pairings

Expand your wine horizons and drink outside your comfort zone. Come with us and be inspired as we go down the road less traveled for a Rome wine tasting.

French Wine Regions Map

10 Crus Of Beaujolais: A Guide

Everybody’s talking about Beaujolais. What is Beaujolais and how is it different from Cru Beaujolais? Shop with confidence using our buyer’s guide.

provence wine

The Provence Wine region is famous

The Provence wine region is most known for its Rosé wine. There’s so much more to love. Check out this regional guide plus top 10 wines to try now.

taste wine like a true armchair sommelier

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Spice up your next party with our FREE wine tasting guide! Learn what to look, smell, and taste for while appreciating your favorite bottle. We’ve also included a printable tasting notes template and a tasting wheel.

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