Carpe Vinum

Carpe Vinum is the wine club I’m part of . . . and unfortunately, we’re on a mostly permanent hiatus.  This is what happens when your teenagers’ activity schedules eclipse your own.  But, I’ve left the links to our adventures up — maybe they will inspire your own wine club adventures.


We meet once a month to learn about wine (we’re on a self-guided tour), and how to pair it with food.  But this isn’t “wine club” . . . it’s wine club.  We have fun (a lot of it) but, there’s an academic focus.  We choose a different theme each month — it could be wine focused, or it could be food focused.  It comes with an expectation that we’ll do some research about the wine we bring and the food we pair it with.

We eat some amazing foods and drink some amazing wines.  Please click around . . . maybe you’ll find some ideas for wine club tasting themes to try at your house!

Carpe Vinum Tour de France:  Champagne

Carpe Vinum Tour de France:  Alsace

Carpe Vinum Tour de France:  Provence

Heavyweight Reds

Memory in a Bottle

Drinking with the Stars

The Napa Valley Challenge

Veggie Tales

The Governor’s Six-Pack

Passport to Catalonia

Carpe Vinum takes a Roman Holiday

Under the Radar Wine Regions

Holiday Traditions

Cru Beaujolais

Soup’s On!

Carpe Vinum Goes to Portugal

The War of the Roses

Carpe Vinum Tackles the Iron Chef

Old World vs. New World — The Whites

Old World vs. New World — The Reds

Horizontal Syrah



    1. It’s a super fun group . . . we’ve been at it for over 3 years now! And we’ve still just scratched the surface of learning about wine. We’ve had some amazing food and spectacular wines. I look forward to it every month. Salud!!


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